Monday, 31 December 2018

Collaborative activity between students of Gwalior Glory High School and Afghanistan

A spectacular activity to reconnect with the various indigenous sports was conducted for the students of class VIII with an aim to make the learners study the indigenous sports from India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Afghanistan. Students researched about history, evolution and tradition of various indigenous sports from these countries and motor skills used in the respective sports.

Under the activity, Gwalior Glory High School collaborated with Youlmarab High School in Afghanistan to give opportunity to students to Rediscover, Reconnect And Revere The Indigenous Sports from both the  countries. Information about Indian indigenous sports -   Kho-Kho, Kabaddi , Gatka and Thang Ta were shared with the partner school.  Session on Kabaddi and Kho – Kho were conducted in which the Glorians participated themselves. Students visited LNIPE and also interviewed experts about various aspects related to the traditional sports covered under the activity.
The partner school also shared details about the indigenous sport from their country (martial art form -Wrestling , sport popular among the  competitive enthusiasts - Buzkashi  and  sports based on focus and aim –Sling Shot and Swat Shooting) .

Students watching demonstration of Wrestling - video shared by partner school in Afghanistan

Comparative study on how the sports from India and Afghanistan help in physical, mental and emotional upliftment , gave a comprehensive insight to the students. The collaborative project concluded very effectively.
Silat from Malaysia and Angampora from Sri Lanka are the indigenous sports that were also studied under the activity.
Learners also drew conclusion on why practices that have originated from India like Yoga and meditation have become an  important part of lifestyle of people nowadays. An exhibition was also conducted in which 3D models and charts related to various sports studied under the activity were displayed.
Overall this activity gave an insight into the indigenous sports and helped the students to appreciate the need of disciplined regime and focus that each and every sport emphasizes on for holistic development.
Such collaborative approach helps to learn in a better way..... do post your views ….


  1. a good initiative for participating schools and countries, since sports and games have their own identity and importance in all the societies, religions and cultures of world from ancient times, it is the need of today's era to bring back the importance of sports and games, and the efforts made by GGHS is highly appreciating in this context, cultural exchange has its own importance but exchange of ideas in the field of Physical education, games and sports will open a new aspect for all the societies and humanity.

  2. Today's children are actually becoming couch potato watching television, playing games in mobile, always busy on social media. this is alarming stage where children should be involved in physical activities. great way of developing interest towards games and physical activities.

  3. Really good platform for students to showcase their talent and also understand the importance of physical activities in improving their lifestyles..this is an amazing initiative taken by GGHS to make children interact with indegenous sports in today's technological world.