Wednesday, 3 October 2018

‘Folk Tales : Journey to our Granny’s Land’

An activity ‘Folk Tales : Journey to our Granny’s Land’  for tiny tots of classes I and II took the learners to the realm of folk tales of India, Japan , Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and China that inculcated moral values emphasizing on peace and justice. Educators narrated folk tales making it even more enjoyable by using puppets, screening videos on folk tales, character build up chart , comic strips and songs. The students were able to appreciate the cultural differences between their country and other countries through the activity with the learning that every culture propagates love, peace , kindness and harmony.

Stories open doors to imagination . How can story telling be used as an effective medium for teaching various subjects? Do share your opinion......

Monday, 1 October 2018

‘Visionaries-The Go Getters’

An activity titled  ‘Visionaries-The Go Getters’ was conducted for the students of class XI  that celebrated the innovative spirit of the visionaries from USA, Japan, UK , Germany , India, Russia and China who gave a new direction to the generations.

Students studied life sketch of the visionaries and through PPT Presentations shared their research about the contribution of the personalities in the field of Maths, Science, Commerce and Humanities. The students added a novel feature to the already existing concept to make it usable in a smarter way according to the need of today’s time. Talks in assembly also extended the reach of the project.
Such projects encourage the youngsters to shoulder the responsibility to imbibe the innovative spirit of the visionaries, be problem solvers and with ignited mind connect the world through novel approach and benefit all.......Do share your comments on what more new activities can be done in this direction.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Patriotism – Learning to Give

A project on ‘Patriotism’ was conducted for class IX  in which students studied about the personalities from Bangladesh, South Africa and India that associated the concept of patriotism in context to the freedom of the country from ill practices and beliefs, laws and ideologies that acted as obstacles in the path of progress of any segment of the society besides freedom from foreign rule.
Students had done research about various factors that contributed  to the identity of the patriots . They studied closely the journey of the patriots who contributed in bringing social change for women empowerment, upliftment of backward classes, child rights, access to education. The  learning was further shared through  various creative mediums.
The students closely studied the struggle and patience of the patriotic leaders. Various aspects pertaining to patriotism were discussed through which students highlighted between constructive and blind patriotism.
 SKYPE Session was also organized with a partner school in Bangladesh – CIDER International  under the collaborative project in which students interacted about the contribution of great patriots from India and Bangladesh and also exchanged views about various aspects of patriotism in present scenario. The initiative linked the students of India and Bangladesh through technology giving a connect to interact and know more about the culture, patriotic philosophy and views of the students in the international collaborative project.

Such programmes help to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in the students beyond the border of their country. Do share your inputs about it. 

Monday, 9 July 2018

‘Houses- A Beautiful Investment, A Colourful Place to Live And Play’

To develop the feeling that love and care in the family turns a house into a home, a peaceful place and to make the students understand the need for a home and gain the knowledge of different geographical diversities of the nation as well as Bangladesh, Japan , South Africa and America, an activity  named ‘ Houses – A beautiful investment, a colourful place to live and play’ was organized for the students at Gwalior Glory High School. Students of Class V participated in different activities. They collected information regarding building material used in making house in various regions according to the climatic condition and disaster resistant houses besides understanding the basics of Art and Architecture involved in designing a house. Students understood the practical aspects of building house as they visited actual construction site. Groups of students also participated in survey to find the measures adopted by people in maintaining cleanliness and sanitation facilities available in area where underprivileged people reside. Students showed their creativity by making models of different kinds of houses of different countries and the intellectual activities were stirred by the brainstorming worksheets, discussions and role plays.

Such activities develop analytical and problem solving attitude....Do share your inputs about it...

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Teachers’ Workshop at Gwalior Glory High School

The outlay of the talk by Dr. Laha laid  keen emphasis on –
  • Classroom teaching should be interesting so that the students are receptive.
  • The attention span of the students has to be kept in mind, so planning of the lesson should be such that starts with an engaging introduction followed by explanation of core content filled with examples to which the students can relate to, concluding with the recapitulation of the main points.
  • Students should be habituated to take notes of the important aspects rather than opting for rote method of just imprinting the entire lesson in memory without properly understanding the significant concepts.
  • Practical approach should be brought into the teaching – learning process so that  students are able to face any challenge when they enter the professional world.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the session that was filled with rounds of laughter, that was quite obvious as it had a practitioner on podium who believes in practicing humor in daily life.

As the session concluded the Principal extended gratitude to the guest speaker and addressed the teachers, “Teaching is a tool that builds character and teachers should use the tool very carefully to shape up the personality of the students”.

Which subject did you find difficult to study in school? Share with us, how did you cope up with it. Your input may be handy for someone!!!