Monday, 10 December 2018

Students of Gwalior Glory High School interact with the students of Russia through SKYPE

To share the study of varieties of fruits found in India and Russia highlighting the effect of climatic conditions on their growth, the nutrients found in them, a skype session was conducted in Gwalior Glory High School with Buturlinovskaya Secondary School 4 in Buturlinovka town, Russia. Students from both the countries displayed bowls of tempting fruit salad made with fruits found in their country. During the session, students of Gwalior Glory High School introduced the students of Russia with the importance of Ayurveda and Yoga through the characters  portrayed of Charaka, Patanjali  and Sushruta.

The students of classes III and IV have studied about fruits from various countries (India, Russia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Japan) under an activity titled- ‘My Fruit Bag … Health with Taste’.  Apart from the Skype Session , under the project a visit to an orchard was also organized that gave opportunity to the learners to know how fruits are grown, observed trees of different fruits and learnt steps of cultivating them. 

Students also discussed about factors that have led to the pollution of the natural resources and its effect on the productivity in the soil. In another exciting activity students had dressed up as fruits from the countries included in the study and participated in fruit parade.

Do share your inputs about such initiatives in which learners can collaborate to exchange knowledge….


  1. India is a country who is originator of yoga and ayurveda. Great work to attract small children towards this ancient culture of ours and also motivating students to eat nutritious food in this JUNK FOOD era. thanks to school

  2. This activity proved to be very informative and educational for students as well as teachers.Students learned about nutritional and medicinal values of different fruits.They also understood the value of eating fruits. Such activities should be conducted regularly in school.