Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Teachers’ Workshop at Gwalior Glory High School

The outlay of the talk by Dr. Laha laid  keen emphasis on –
  • Classroom teaching should be interesting so that the students are receptive.
  • The attention span of the students has to be kept in mind, so planning of the lesson should be such that starts with an engaging introduction followed by explanation of core content filled with examples to which the students can relate to, concluding with the recapitulation of the main points.
  • Students should be habituated to take notes of the important aspects rather than opting for rote method of just imprinting the entire lesson in memory without properly understanding the significant concepts.
  • Practical approach should be brought into the teaching – learning process so that  students are able to face any challenge when they enter the professional world.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed the session that was filled with rounds of laughter, that was quite obvious as it had a practitioner on podium who believes in practicing humor in daily life.

As the session concluded the Principal extended gratitude to the guest speaker and addressed the teachers, “Teaching is a tool that builds character and teachers should use the tool very carefully to shape up the personality of the students”.

Which subject did you find difficult to study in school? Share with us, how did you cope up with it. Your input may be handy for someone!!!