Thursday, 28 February 2019

National Science Day

“Science for the people and The people for science”- This is the 2019 theme of National Science Day celebrated all over India today.  It encourages us to make science an integral part of people’s lives.
Every year we celebrate this day by introducing the Eureka Idea Box, but this year due to your exams starting early, we have already done that.  So if all of you have put your creative ideas into the box, you have done your bit to expand your mind.
Cultivate your curiosity because curiosity gives rise to questions, questions give rise to ideas, ideas help form theories, theories are proved or disproved by experiments and these experiments give rise to scientific discoveries and inventions.
All of you know that National Science Day was celebrated to commemorate this day in 1930 when the Nobel Prize was awarded to our Dr.Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman for discovery of the Raman Effect.  But do you know how he discovered it?  It is said that while returning from England aboard a ship, Dr. Raman was standing on the deck contemplating the blueness of the Mediterranean Sea, when an entirely new explanation for the phenomenon struck him..  This was his “Eureka” moment and he discovered the Raman Effect.
I wish to take this time for highlighting the  various ideas and projects that have won acclaim for the school in the field of Science.  A Smart Gas leakage detector made it to the National Round of CBSE Science Exhibition while and unusual combination of farming techniques called Tratek Farming made it to the Nationals of the Children’s Science Congress (NCSC).  An idea on modernization of Age Old Techniques to suit today’s world won us an award at DRDE while the idea of an app based smart dustbin and a multipurpose ladder won us national acclaim at the Inspire Awards.
So keep your mind open, let the ideas flow freely. Be curious, be hungry for ideas, seek explanations and in all keep the scientific spirit alive.

Happy National Science Day!!!

Chitra Viswanathan

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