Wednesday, 8 June 2016

                          ‘Laughter is essential in life’


Workshop for teachers organized at Gwalior Glory High School

“A day without laughter is a day wasted, try to laugh at whichever instance possible” quoted Dr.N.N.Laha while conducting a workshop for teachers on humour as an integral essence of life.

The renowned physician who has to his credit National Record in India Book of Records of getting 600 poems published all over the country in a year conducted the engaging session that was filled with roars of laughter as the expert speaker filled his talk with loads of practical jokes reflecting the nuances of life.

Holding on to bad experiences is painful, best remedy is to laugh it off. This attitude will give a positive approach to succeed and stay happy maintaining a positive aura. Teachers need to have a focussed approach in the teaching process to get the best output from the students and healthy mindset adds on to the journey of the teaching - learning to realize the objectives of education.

“Humour helps to ease out stress and is a tool to stay happy” quoted the Principal while delivering the vote of thanks as the session concluded.

Laugh and pump more blood into the heart to stay healthy.... Have a similar  experience to share?.... then post it on the blog....

Dr. Laha focusing on the essence of humour in life

Principal and Teachers attending the workshop emphasizing on the importance of laughter

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