Tuesday, 30 July 2019


Life always presents us a variety of options, from which we can choose. If we make right choice, it leads to success and happiness. The wrong choice leads to failure and misery.

I would like to emphasize on the importance of choices that one makes consciously or unconsciously in one’s life.

A few hundred year’s ago in India lived a saint called Goswami Tulsidas. He was very much infatuated by his wife. When his wife had gone to live with her parents, Tulsidas realized, he just could not stay without her. He started off to meet her. But since it was a stormy night, there was no boat willing to take him across. He found a log that he held onto and swam across, and then found a rope hanging from the wall, which he grabbed and climbed up to jump through the window into his wife’s room. He thought his wife would be pleased to meet him. But she scolded him for doing such a nasty thing. She said in your infatuation for me, you did not realize, that it was a dead body which you mistook for a log and that was a snake that you assumed to be a rope. She said the amount of love that you have for me if you had a fraction of it for lord Shri Ram, you would have achieved him. That scolding Tulsidas received from his wife was a wake up call for him. At that moment he decided, i will no longer allow my mind to remain in this degraded state. He decided to take action. He turned around engaged in spiritual practice and devotion and transformed himself to the great Goswami Tulsidas who wrote Hindi Ramayan.

That one choice, he made at that particular night, had such a big impact on his life.

The choices that we make have short term or long term consequences. Will today be the day when you will decide to choose wisely and transform your life like Tulsidas did?  You may ask me, is life transformation so easy that it is the consequences of a single choice ? Absolutely not. Alongside with the choice, is the intensity of the decision.

How many of you know about a real hero, karoly takacs and his real story. He is the third known physically disabled athlete to have competed in the Olympic Games and was the first shooter to win two Olympic gold medals that too with his left hand after his right hand was seriously injured.

That committed choice of his enabled him to inspire. So it is not only choices we makes but also the commitment to these choices that enable us to make our life, either more degraded or happier.

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