Friday, 21 September 2018

Patriotism – Learning to Give

A project on ‘Patriotism’ was conducted for class IX  in which students studied about the personalities from Bangladesh, South Africa and India that associated the concept of patriotism in context to the freedom of the country from ill practices and beliefs, laws and ideologies that acted as obstacles in the path of progress of any segment of the society besides freedom from foreign rule.
Students had done research about various factors that contributed  to the identity of the patriots . They studied closely the journey of the patriots who contributed in bringing social change for women empowerment, upliftment of backward classes, child rights, access to education. The  learning was further shared through  various creative mediums.
The students closely studied the struggle and patience of the patriotic leaders. Various aspects pertaining to patriotism were discussed through which students highlighted between constructive and blind patriotism.
 SKYPE Session was also organized with a partner school in Bangladesh – CIDER International  under the collaborative project in which students interacted about the contribution of great patriots from India and Bangladesh and also exchanged views about various aspects of patriotism in present scenario. The initiative linked the students of India and Bangladesh through technology giving a connect to interact and know more about the culture, patriotic philosophy and views of the students in the international collaborative project.

Such programmes help to inculcate the feeling of patriotism in the students beyond the border of their country. Do share your inputs about it. 

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  1. 'PATRIOTISM' is feeling rather than any concept to be taught in syllabus of school. i am happy and proud to see these activities in school, as this activities will definitely inculcate patriotic feelings and will form an emotional bond with nation and nationality. Good work !!