Tuesday, 24 June 2014


 Encourage learners to associate Maths with what they are best at 


Students as well as parents suffer from anxiety for Mathematics. It is a subject which is seen as very tough territory to win. How to counter this phobia for Mathematics and make the learning easy was the agenda of a workshop conducted at Gwalior Glory High school on 16th January 2014 by  Oxford University Press India.

“A Mathematics teacher should be lovable besides being competent and have good command over the language”, quoted the expert speaker for the session – Sri Jose Paul,
Ex-Director, Educational Planning Group, St. Xavier’s School. He has also authored numerous Mathematics textbooks and many resource books for teachers. He is the author of Mathscope, New Enjoying Mathematics and Discovering Maths series by Oxford University Press India.

The workshop primarily focused on developing the qualities of leadership and personality development for students, environment approach , educational objectives and  its use in the classroom, instructional improvement, teaching and interpersonal relationship, motivation, classroom communication and co-operative learning.

Sri Jose Paul shared his experience as a teacher and addressed the common problems a Mathematics teacher faces while teaching the subject regarded as toughest by most of the learners. He insisted that the confidence of a student in the teacher reflects in the student’s performance in the subject.

Mathematics forms an integral part of everything around. It is the skill of the teacher to generate love and interest of the pupils towards the subject by relating it to the area a student is best at. The positive attitude of the teachers can work wonders in making Mathematics the favorite subject in the class.

Different methodologies should be adopted each day to make the topic more captivating. A two way interaction enables better understanding, stressed the renowned mentor. The workshop brought out the beauty of Mathematics  and enhanced the knowledge and skill of the teachers.