Saturday, 27 August 2016

‘Dai-Miraaz’ - Inter School Documentary Film Making Competition

Team Gwalior Glory High School Receiving The Award For 'Best Documentary Film' At 'Dai Miraaz' Inter School Documentary Film Making Competition

Protection of heritage and maintaining the continuity of the national culture is of utmost importance as it is the foundation on which we build our identity. Essence of life is best exemplified with the rich literature by the writers, poets and personalities who contribute to transmitting the sense of belonging and insight into values, beliefs and culture from one generation to another.  

With the objective to give young learners the opportunity  to explore the body of work by celebrated literary figures of Gwalior, an Inter School Documentary Film Making Competition ‘Dai-Miraaz’ was organized by Gwalior Glory High School to showcase the role of the literary personalities in enhancing solidity of the nation and displaying the affluent ethnicity of our country.

In the two day event, literary personalities from Gwalior were honored in a programme named ‘Arsh’ hosted by the school on 6th August 2016 and the students interacted with the local literary icons on various aspects of creative writing and literature. 

On the second day i.e. on 9th August 2016, young aspirants showcased their documentary films on the illustrious personalities. The intricacies of film making were tested through interlocution by the panel of judges- Dr.N.N.Laha , renowned literary personality of Gwalior and Shri L.K.Sharma , photography and short film expert.

Gwalior Glory High School won the award for ‘Best Documentary Film’ in the competition.
Share with us creative ideas on the themes you feel Documentary Film should be made to display the strong tradition, art and culture of the region and make it more popular amongst the masses as an effort to revive the long forgotten art forms.

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